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Chris Rock’s ‘Top Five’ Trailer Hits Web: Are You Going To See It?

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Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson and Gabrielle Union star in Rock’s latest movie Top Five, which heads into theaters in December.

The movie is about a comic played by Rock whose questioning both his career and life choices as he gets older. Here’s the first trailer, featuring cameos by JB Smoove, Cedric The Entertainer,Whoopi Goldberg and Kevin Hart. 

Does it look like it’s going to be good? You watchin’?

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[MUST WATCH] Mo’ne Davis ‘Throws Like A Girl’ In New Spike Lee Commercial

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Spike Leedirected a new Chevrolet commercial for the World Series starring 13-year-old Little League superstar Mo’ne Davis, who burst into all of our lives as the standout star of her Philadelphia Taney Dragons baseball team. Davis led her team into victory, making them the first and only Little Leaguer to make it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated. How did she do it? By throwing “like a girl,” which happens to be the theme of her new Spike Lee-directed commercial. Davis has become a symbol of broken barriers. “I throw 70 MPH, that’s throwing like a girl,” Davis proudly says in the commercial. Way to turn that age-old stereotype of women not being as great as sports as men around!

In the one minute commercial, Lee has managed to not only warm our hearts, but inspire us to be great. As simple as that sounds, the profundity…

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‘The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl’ Gets Turned Into A Book

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Anyone wondering where they can get their next hit of “Awkward Black Girl” can find it at the bookstore! You’ll still have to wait a minute, though.

From time to time, Issa Rae will post something on her YouTube channel or her Facebook page, and she will undoubtedly be bombarded with questions about when “ABG” is coming back. Well, unfortunately Issa hasn’t announced when (or even if) the show will return to the Web, but she has released a book about being an ABG titled “The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl”! We can’t blame her for building on a powerful brand.

Issa didn’t say much about what would be in the book, so it could be anything from a personal memoir of what life has been like since she launched the show or maybe eve fiction about what’s going on in J’s life. You’ll have to wait until next year…

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Michaela DePrince Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina

“Dance like nobody is watching.”  Everybody is watching the 19 year old Sierra Leonean-American ballet dancer Michaela DePrince.  From orphanage to triumph, this young lady’s journey is one to note.  In her memoir, Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina, Michaela DePrince shares her story that is inspirational and admirable.  #videosweadore

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The Mini Envelope 4.0 : And The Winner Is…..

We want to thank the amazing writers who entered into The Mini Envelope 4.0.  26 Entries, the most we have received for this envelope thus far and we hope to keep up the momentum for October’s Mini Envelope 5.0 (Halloween Theme) Please enjoy both the winner and runner up entries below.  Remember to pass the word along, we would love to read your writings!

Scenario 4.0: A person has to make a decision between two conflicting scenarios.  The main character contemplates both choices and ends with making a shocking decision. Continue reading


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