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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Breaks DVR Record In Debut

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In addition to its strong season premiere last Thursday, ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder now holds the record for drawing the biggest DVR viewership increase in history, adding 6 million viewers to roughly 14 million from Thursday, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The 6 million is based on Nielsen’s live-plus-3 ratings for premiere week (Live Plus looks at who watched shows on their DVRs within the following three days of the premiere premiere.)

The Shonda Rhimes-produced series starring Viola Davis soared to 20.3 million viewers and a 5.6 rating among adults 18-49. Not only do those gains top the growth of previous freshman demo champ Gotham, they eclipse its overall ratings as well.

Each fall has produced new time-shifting records as more and more viewers choose to watch broadcast series on their own timetable, but How to Get Away With Murder’s increase of…

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Andre Benjamin Talks End of OutKast and Hendrix Biopic

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Andre 3000 has left the building. After this weekend’s shows in Atlanta, Outkast may be done. Andre Benjamin, who stars as Jimi Hendrix in the John Ridley helmed Jimi: All Is By My Side opening this weekend, says he’s ready to move forward. The 39-year-old rapper hasn’t made an OutKast record since 2003’s Grammy winner Speakerboxx/The Love Below but folks still want another project.

Not likely, say Benjamin.

“Both of us [he and partner Big Boi]are doing solo things. Don’t get me wrong about touring. I’ll never say ever. But personally, there’s no interest in that. I never want to be 50 years old doing those songs. I think rap music is a young people’s music and I’m clear about that with me. It’s just a personal thing. People have rolled with us for years and I’m happy about that. I could…

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