The Fellowship Envelope 2015


Regular Intake Starts January 1, 2015

A dedication to a work in progress.  The Fellowship Envelope is a annual competition awarding a fellowship to an outstanding novel in progress or a competed work.  All Entries must include the first three chapters and a detailed synopsis of a novel that is in progress or already completed.  This fellowship will be used to support one writer in helping them fulfill their author dreams.

Entry Qualifications

All Entries must be the original work of the writer.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  There is no scenario for the Fellowship Envelope.  The plot and theme can be anything the writer chooses. Because the B. Envelope prides itself on supporting works with African American or Black characters All Entries must have at least one African American or Black main character.  It is the writer’s duty to create and express the race of the main character within the first three chapters submitted or it will be disqualified.

Self-published and published novels are welcomed. The sales from the novel must not exceed the about of the fellowship ($10,000) in order to be eligible.

Entry Deadline

There are three deadlines for the Fellowship Envelope 1.0:

  • Pre Early Bird Sign up Now until November 30,2014.  Must complete sign-up inorder to enter the Early Bird Intake. Sign Up Here
  • Early bird Entry Intake starts December 1, 2014.  Deadline for Early Bird Entry is December 31, 2014  EMAIL ONLY
  • Regular Entry Intake starts January 1, 2015.  Deadline for Regular Entry is February 1, 2015  ($15 entry fee per submission)
  • Final Call Entry Intake starts February 2, 2015. Deadline for Final Call Entry Intake is February 28, 2015 ($25 entry fee per submission)

A PDF version of the first three chapters and a detailed synopsis must be sent via email to (please complete the form below,[NOT OPEN]) by the final deadline 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on February 28, 2015.)


One Grand Prize of a $10,000 fellowship will be awarded to the winning writer.  This fellowship will be used to support one writer in completing and publishing their novel and make obsolete of their financial burdens in the process.

Second and third place prizes to be announced.

Fellowship Obligations

Once the Fellowship recipient is announced he/she must provide a detailed update on the progress of their novel and how they plan on executing the finished product during the fellowship year.  The writer will be featured on the main website, along with the first three chapters and a writer bio.  This is done so we can expose the talent of the awarded fellowship writer and help them gain a fan base.

Entry Requirements

  • Original first three chapters of a complete or incomplete novel
  • A detailed synopsis
  • Must have at least one main character that is African American or black
  • The entry fee is due at the time of the submission.


10 Semi finalist will be notified by e-mail sent no later than March 28 of each year and will be announced on the main website. The judging process will be executed as entries are submitted to obtain a quicker process.  One fellowship recipient will be announced April 12, 2015**

**Announcements are due to change due to the amount of submissions.

*** If at any time we feel that we will not receive a sufficient amount of entries before the final deadline, all entry fees will be refunded to the participating writers.

2014 Fellowship Envelope Participants

If you participated in the 2013-2014 Fellowship Envelope then your entry grants you 1 free entry for the 2015 Fellowship Envelope.  You may submit your entry at anytime during the intake dates. Please state  the name of the story you entered into the 2013-2014 Fellowship and the Author name provided when entering your new entry.  We have documentation of all of our 2013-2014 participants to provide a easy entry verification.


If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

Helpful Tip and Such

Tips and Examples of a Synopsis:

We hope we encourage you to Write Your Own Lane.  Good Luck and Happy Writings!



18 thoughts on “The Fellowship Envelope 2015”

    1. Good Writings Frederick!!

      Thank you for your inquiry about the Fellowship Envelope! There is no limit to the number of submissions from a single writer. As long as each individual entry follows the rules and guidelines of the Envelope then there is no limitations. Also keep in mind that each entry must be submitted separately, meaning all entries should be emailed separately and the writer must complete an entry fee per submission. We hope to read your entries soon!

      -The Enveloper

  1. I’m working on a novel that incorporates a published storybook I wrote. Can I enter the first three chapters of the novel, even it has the same title as my storybook?


  2. Good Writings Frederick!

    If it is a prequel or sequel to the published book that is fine. None of the three chapters must be the same as the first three chapters of the published book. If you decided to move forward with a new book with a edited plot but with the same title as your previous published storybook that is fine also.

    We hope we answered your questions! Feel free to specify more if you need to.

    Thanks Frederick!

    -The Enveloper

  3. Thank you Enveloper!
    Yes, you’ve answered my questions.
    The title is the same but the plot is completely different, and so are the main characters. The storybook is more or less incorporated as a prop or key piece of the puzzle so to speak, like in “Lord of The Rings.”
    Thanks again,

    1. I am writing a story with almost only African characters, however they are not African American, as they are Shona, from Zimbabwe. The main characters are two shona boys who grow up and one of their wives. Would this count for the contest, or are you looking for specifically African American characters?

      1. Good Writings, Rachel!

        Thank you for inquiring about the Fellowship Envelope. We welcome all characters of African decent both African American and characters from African countries. We apologize for not stating that in our entry requirements and we are working on fixing that at this time.

        We can’t wait to read about your two characters from Zimbabwe!

        -The Enveloper

  4. Great, thank you.
    Also, should the synopsis and three chapters be combined in one document (synopsis preceding 3 chapters), or should the synopsis and three chapters be submitted as separate pdf files?
    Thanks again,

  5. I have just submitted – and the response said – thank you for writing fiercely about African Americans? – I thought you were working at fixing that?

    1. Good Writings Regina!

      Thank you for entering and thank you for pointing out our error. For the first month of this Fellowship we only accepted African American based stories and the response still reflects that. Due to emails and request we have gladly open up the guidelines to include Black characters from around the world. We are now changing the response to reflect that. Thanks again. If you have any more questions please feel free to email us at

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